breakingmyfall (breakingmyfall) wrote,

can I get a woot, woot...

Do you woot? Check out it's a little place where they offer one item a day for sale... sometimes you can get a really good deal, or be the first person to buy a product not offered anywhere else. The catch is that they only offer 1 item a day and the quantities are limited. They post a new item at 12am central time (so that's 1 in the morning for us folks in Eastern Standard Time) and if it is a really good woot, it's sold out in just a few minutes...

I made my first woot today, buying a blood pressure monitor... wouldn't think I would need one of those at my age, but the docs told me to monitor my blood pressure on a daily basis....

So last night about 30 of us gathered together to watch the superbowl and when I say superbowl I mean the commercials. I was actually pretty disappointed with most of the commercials... for the most part, they were just plain stupid. Not stupid funny, but just stupid. The game wasn't that bad though...go steelers!

The family that were hosting the game last night have a Boston Terrier who just had puppies. They are offering to give my wife and I one of the puppies for free... which is awesome, because the puppies are pure bred and have their papers and everything (which means they are worth $$$). Now I just have to convince my wife to let me have a dog...

tip #1: puppies make great valentine's gifts
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