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Read? what...

So the other day I wrote my 5 "fav" cd's of the moment... but, it seems that some think I can't read, and just to let all those peeps out there... I actually do read on a consistent basis (just don't tell anyone...) So, Here are my top 5 books of the moment.

note: I am not including the Bible in my top 5, it's #1, but I wanted to share the top 5 besides the Bible List...

1. Visioneering "God's blueprint for developing and maintaining personal vision" by Andy Stanley

2. 7 Fatal Distractions "Overcoming obstacles that mess up our lives" by Ed Young

3. Taming a Liger "Unexpected spiritual lessons from Napoleon Dynamite" by Jeff Dunn & Adam Palmer

4. Courageous Leadership "Are you a 360 Degree Leader?" by Bill Hybels

5. 1000 Graphic Elements "Details for distictive designs" by Wilson Harvey

Okay, so the last one on the list contains a lots of pics, but I'm proud to say that the first 4 are basically all text...

Now with this sudden outbreaks of top "5" lists, perhaps I should list my top 5 underwear brands tomorrow. . .
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