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yea, okay, sure...

So I'm up waiting for 1am to come, so I can see what "item" will be posted on I wasn't really planning on staying up for this, but I have been finishing up a site for a client that I needed done by tomorrow (well... today) I finished up about 15 minutes ago, and decided that since I am already up, I might as well wait for a few more minutes...

Anyways, this is a great time to update, considering that I haven't in a little while... work has been crazy this past week.. really don't want to get into much detail, but so far this week I have had a chair thrown at me, been punched in the face, have had my arms scratched up, and have been spat at, sworn at, threatened, and other not so nice gestures... Now most of this is normal in my job, but it just seems a little more intense this week...

The best thing about this week though took place this past weekend... I was able to lead a co-worker to Christ! I have been witnessing and praying for her for about 5 years now. God really just put some things in her life that really made her seek Him. I'm just so excited that God allowed me the opportunity to witness to her... It's so sweet!! Pam and I went out and bought her a bible, and she is starting to read it.. She had a lot of questions, but that's to be expected. Now I am praying that she will come to church with us this Sunday.

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