breakingmyfall (breakingmyfall) wrote,

ode to the update...

It's amazing how fast time can go without updating... It's not that I'm concerned in people are reading this entries or not, it's the fact that I actual enjoy looking back at things I wrote no matter how stupid some of the stuff may be. I think my main focus on this journal is to record more of my spiritual journey, as I struggle with the rest of the world to live the life that God given to me.

Great things are happening! However, to go into too much detail will not be that beneficial for anyone at this point. I will say that God is awesome and it's amazing that He places in our paths!!

As far as my web/graphic design future is concerned, I am contiuning to pursue growth in this area, but at the same time... I am looking at exactly what that is going to look at based on what God has placed in my life at the moment.

taking it one day at a time
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